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It's half past five in the morning. The fucker next door has left some low-level, insidious techno crap on, and appears to have passed out, so I can just hear the bass beat, or what ever. I have a train to catch tomorrow, to go to my dad's. WHY am I not asleep?

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Some bastard's nicked me tin-opener.


Dec. 7th, 2008 01:33 pm
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So, I graded on Saturday. AND I GOT MY YELLOW BELT!!!! I even got a mon, which is like a gold star for performance. I kick ass!!! I messed up my hand though, not sure how. It' in a bandage at the mo and I'm gonna see the doctor. Henge the difficulty typing. Still totally worth it though.

Also, I know I've not been around for a bit, but after Christmas that should change, because I'm buying a laptop. Then I shall be able ot read slash!! MUAHAHAHAHA.

(Yes, I feel Toon!Robin is an appropriate icon for a post about martial arts.)
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Basically, clubs, homework and cooking have taken over my life. I have a new friend, who by some strange circumstance is actually into fandom too. Hi, [ profile] wonderm !!
It's so cool to have someone to talk about slash and torchwood with in real life, without being considered a perverse freak. Anyway, doing my grammar homework, so I'll go now.

Hopefully getting a laptop soon, so I will post fic and read all the backlog of fic then. Bye guys!!


Sep. 30th, 2008 02:16 pm
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So, I'm not dead yet. Living with three roommates, I, S and N. Yeah, they'll get nicknames when I can think of something appropriate. They're all really nice, and I's a second year too, so I may get tips on how to survive, which'll be cool.

Joined SciFi, Anime and Jitsu clubs, so I actually have a social life for the first time ever. Basically the SciFi club's an excuse to rant about Doctor Who and get drunk, which is perfectly fine by me, even if I don't drink. :-) Jitsu's awesome too, everyone's really nice!

My course sounds awesome so far, especially linguistics. Two hours of Academic Methods at three though - as far as I can tell it's like study skills, and it's Boring with a capital B. We even got homework already!

In fandom news, I'm writing again. It's gonna be a companion piece to Alike and show Beast Boys thoughts about what makes them similar. It just needs checking for mistakes and maybe another rewrite, and it's done.

Attention all writers: As I am writing this on university property, I cannot read fanfiction for fear of being banned from the library. Be assured I will catch up with everyones' fic when I get my own computer at Christmas. I'm sorry!


Sep. 19th, 2008 02:42 pm
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OK, first off, sorry for spewing bile all over my flist last time. I need to not do that, but it's hard to find places to vent. Probably will happen again, sadly, but I'll try to be nicer from now on.

Secondly, I leave home tommorrow. *cries* I'm veering wildly between thinking I'm gonna starve in the first two weeks and celebrating at being independent for the first time in my life.

The fact that I'm starting uni is a source of great joy to me, and hopefully it'll go well. I don't have a computer though, so I'll be around less.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, why didn't anyone tell me that Tin Man was fantastic?? It's by the same people as the 10th kingdom and Glitch is love *beams* Seriously people, you need to tell me these things.

Anyway, this'll be my last post for a while, but I'll try to update with uni life soon.

Wish me luck!
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Been cleaning my room today, taking posters off the walls for the upcoming room switch, and I found a bloody great lump of black mould hiding behind a photo. It looked at me, I swear!!

Also, sweet mother of God, who knew I had so much stuff? I think it breeds when I'm not in the room.

Anyway, sent my deposit off to the private hall people (I didn't get into owned halls - bugger) and wrote a letter to my employers, begging for a transfer, so all's right with the world. Just gotta clean out my wardrobe and sort what I'm taking with me now, then I'm all set. Off to live at uni. On my own. For the first time in my life.

Hold me.

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It's OK, I got a place at a uni!!! I can even do the course I really want to do, and learn Japanese at the same time!!!

Sorry about the excessive use of exclamation points, but I'm so relieved to be going to university!! After not getting the grades I wanted, I've been a bit upset, but this cheered me up to no end.

I actually got the place on Tuesday, but I've been waiting till it was confirmed until posting here. I'm a bit superstitious. ; )  *bounces* I'm going to uni! YESSS!!!


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