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So we didn't get the flat we thought we would, but this one is much nicer and new. I moved in with [ profile] wonderm, who is working at the minute. *cheers*

I still don't have a job, but I sorted out my finances, and had dinner with my grandad. I think he realised what he's been missing and wants to set things right before it's too late, which is fine with me. It'll be nice to get to know him after all this time. :) I just wish he'd done it sooner, it's a bit awkward as it stands.

In fandom-related news, I'm trying to write the next chapter of Warning: May Contain Side Affects, but the bunnies have deserted me for now. If anything happens it'll be posted on the kink meme. I'm really sorry, trying to find somewhere to live was killing me. Maybe the bunnies will return now. XD
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Soooo.....I may be doing a fic table for Firefly. *whistles* Yeah, I know. I'll never be Shakespeare, or Gaiman, but I still fancy the practice, and I need something to do anyway.

In other, slightly more important news, I had a date today! It was nice too. : ) Kissed and everything. Mother's frothing at the bit as usual - I must know immediately how I feel about it and him, and woe betide me if I don't have a clue.  Why yes, I'm hopeless at this sort of thing, how could you tell? The kiss wasn't too nice though, but then in my experience kissing usually isn't, which hopefully is just bad luck on my part and not the way the world works. Fanfic lied to me!!!


Sep. 30th, 2008 02:16 pm
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So, I'm not dead yet. Living with three roommates, I, S and N. Yeah, they'll get nicknames when I can think of something appropriate. They're all really nice, and I's a second year too, so I may get tips on how to survive, which'll be cool.

Joined SciFi, Anime and Jitsu clubs, so I actually have a social life for the first time ever. Basically the SciFi club's an excuse to rant about Doctor Who and get drunk, which is perfectly fine by me, even if I don't drink. :-) Jitsu's awesome too, everyone's really nice!

My course sounds awesome so far, especially linguistics. Two hours of Academic Methods at three though - as far as I can tell it's like study skills, and it's Boring with a capital B. We even got homework already!

In fandom news, I'm writing again. It's gonna be a companion piece to Alike and show Beast Boys thoughts about what makes them similar. It just needs checking for mistakes and maybe another rewrite, and it's done.

Attention all writers: As I am writing this on university property, I cannot read fanfiction for fear of being banned from the library. Be assured I will catch up with everyones' fic when I get my own computer at Christmas. I'm sorry!


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