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JITSU!! It was my first in at least a month, and I got to learn some new throws, and I'm finally figuring out Koshi Guruma properly, and we did underarm body grabs and I got to knee people in the crotch, which was fun. :D I got kneed a lot too, but I was with these two people I get on with and we just were in fits of giggles the whole time. And one of them kicked me like five times in the exact same spot, so now I have a bruise. *beams*

And we learnt about kidneys some more, and exactly why it is so useful to punch people in them if they grab you. :P Problem is, I'm so short I often can't reach round to get a good strike, so I compromise by kneeing or headbutting instead. Sensei didn't seem to mind. :) He made me do it to J repeatedly as a demonstration, so at least I know I'm doing something right.

I'm so grading this term.
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day 06 → whatever tickles your fancy
Hmm, whatever tickles my fancy, eh? Right then, let's talk about sex Batman!

Batman is my favourite superhero because he has no super powers and still manages to stand up next to god-created warrior women, alien boyscouts and blokes with fancy magic rings. He's smart, capable and actually manages to plan ahead, something I didn't see very often in my heroes growing up. He also has the most awesome sidekick ever, who I really wanted to be when I was a wee lass.

Batman is also grumpy and a bit of a bastard at times. I don't care. *fingers in ears* For all his faults Batman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time and I love him.

In breaking news from Bruisewatch, while I now look like I've got jaundice my bruises no longer show up in photos, so I'm giving up on the slightly disturbing cataloguing of my injuries. Toodles!
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God, I've just nearly had a heart attack.

worry worry worry )

day 04 → your favourite book

My favourite book is probably Sabriel by Garth Nix. It has an awesome heroine who uses magic, a snarky cat sidekick who really wants to kill her, and a prince who's been a ship's figurehead for two hundred years. Oh, did I mention the Undead hordes? This book is fucking awesome, and is the first part in a trilogy that is also fucking awesome. The world is well built, the characters are believable, and the plot is compelling. A+.

EDIT: Grandad's fine now, Uncle II checked on him.
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My sensei didn't show up today, because his wife is having a baby.

In which I show yet more evidence of being a masochist )

day 03 → your favourite television program
This would be Doctor Who, because it is magical and lovely and heartbreaking when done right, and cheesy and silly and hilarious when done wrong. Also, I have met three of my best friends because of Doctor Who. Swear to it.


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