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Delicious is going under.

I'm serious. This is fucking ridiculous. I started the archive in May, for Christ's sake. We have almost 2000 separate bookmarks, and about a thousand tags to deal with. This is not counting my personal Delicious account, by the way. What are Yahoo playing at?

If you use Delicious, get out while you can. Diigo seems decent and imports from Delicious, or, which costs $7, or Xmarks, which imports from Delicious. Make sure you go to Settings > Export on Delicious, you can just move all your bookmarks across. Not sure how it affects tags or notes yet, though.


Nov. 3rd, 2010 01:20 am
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FictionAlley is applying for $25, 000 of money from Pepsi Refresh as a charity. To run their servers.

Don't get me wrong, I love my fic, and FA has been there for me when I needed it, but damn. They're competeing against a charity trying provide safe toys for children with disabilities.
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ARGH shit fuck ow there is something in my eye and it won't come out.
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Yeah, just...don't bother with this post, it was a dare, it makes no sense.

seriously, no sense whatsoever )
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That Guy With The Glasses is now following me on Twitter. Apparently he's following a few other people from the fandom as well. Should I be worried or flattered?
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In the TGWTG/Finding Nemo crossover that should totally exist[Poll #1543044]
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Because I've just had two theological students from there try to convert me. O_o

Tangentially related (I was doing my Japanese homework at the time) but this is why I love learning languages. I can say stuff like this:

私のホバクラフとは うなぎで いっぱいです。

It means my hovercraft is full of eels. XD XD XD


Feb. 24th, 2010 11:04 pm
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I have a friend who kind of fancies me, and he has for a while. We tried to go out but it was just too awkward, and now we chat a lot.

He's just messaged me wondering why all the girls he likes have problems. D: I'm trying not to be offended but really. Apparently there's a woman at his LARP thing that likes him, but she's married. Her husband and her have an open relationship, but my friend is weirded out.

Just...WTF. o_O You cannot start a conversation like that and expect me to be on your side!
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Russell T. Davies, you complete and utter cunt.

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I...think I'm in shock.


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