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JITSU!! It was my first in at least a month, and I got to learn some new throws, and I'm finally figuring out Koshi Guruma properly, and we did underarm body grabs and I got to knee people in the crotch, which was fun. :D I got kneed a lot too, but I was with these two people I get on with and we just were in fits of giggles the whole time. And one of them kicked me like five times in the exact same spot, so now I have a bruise. *beams*

And we learnt about kidneys some more, and exactly why it is so useful to punch people in them if they grab you. :P Problem is, I'm so short I often can't reach round to get a good strike, so I compromise by kneeing or headbutting instead. Sensei didn't seem to mind. :) He made me do it to J repeatedly as a demonstration, so at least I know I'm doing something right.

I'm so grading this term.
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Jitsu, as usual, is awesome. I think i'm getting the hang of some of the throws, and the ground holds are easy. We did knife attacks again, so more bruises are in my future. :D

We also did a body grab circle, which is really fun. You close your eyes and people grab at you and you have to put them on the floor. I always do much better with my eyes closed. :)  It made me realise I'm not as shit as I thought. Maybe I can get my green belt this term after all.
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My sensei didn't show up today, because his wife is having a baby.

In which I show yet more evidence of being a masochist )

day 03 → your favourite television program
This would be Doctor Who, because it is magical and lovely and heartbreaking when done right, and cheesy and silly and hilarious when done wrong. Also, I have met three of my best friends because of Doctor Who. Swear to it.
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So, I went to the Barn weekend with my fellow jitsuka, and then I proceeded to have a whale of a time! We played lots of drinking games and I KICKED ASS at Twister, then went to the Wensleydale factory and a brewery. I now have a tour tshirt, and a shiny new weapon key ring we all got as quiz prizes. Can't bloody remember what it's called though.

Came back today, still not unpacked. Yes, I'm married to the Internet.

PS: Matthew Goode is absolutely ADORABLE no matter what he does. And is convinced that Ozymandias is gay. ^_^


Dec. 7th, 2008 01:33 pm
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So, I graded on Saturday. AND I GOT MY YELLOW BELT!!!! I even got a mon, which is like a gold star for performance. I kick ass!!! I messed up my hand though, not sure how. It' in a bandage at the mo and I'm gonna see the doctor. Henge the difficulty typing. Still totally worth it though.

Also, I know I've not been around for a bit, but after Christmas that should change, because I'm buying a laptop. Then I shall be able ot read slash!! MUAHAHAHAHA.

(Yes, I feel Toon!Robin is an appropriate icon for a post about martial arts.)


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