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LJ's having a journal clean-out. Apparently any journal or comm that's not been posted in in 24 months and has no comments will be deleted so the names can be made available to new users. We all know LJ is a bit slack about following policy, so if I were you and wanted to keep an old account around, it's probably best to make a post saying "LJ is cleaning house, this is to prevent this journal from being removed".

Cheers, [ profile] copperbadge !
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I have a room in France! I will not be on the streets! *deep breaths* Fucking finally, I've been terrified. Still dunno where or how good the place is, but I shall not be homeless!
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I passed my exams! :D

I don't know how well I did yet, stupid system is stupid, but since I know I passed I decided to treat myself today. And while I was poking around in various lovely shops in the Northern Quarter, I found these!

Two pics under the cut )
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So we didn't get the flat we thought we would, but this one is much nicer and new. I moved in with [ profile] wonderm, who is working at the minute. *cheers*

I still don't have a job, but I sorted out my finances, and had dinner with my grandad. I think he realised what he's been missing and wants to set things right before it's too late, which is fine with me. It'll be nice to get to know him after all this time. :) I just wish he'd done it sooner, it's a bit awkward as it stands.

In fandom-related news, I'm trying to write the next chapter of Warning: May Contain Side Affects, but the bunnies have deserted me for now. If anything happens it'll be posted on the kink meme. I'm really sorry, trying to find somewhere to live was killing me. Maybe the bunnies will return now. XD


Jun. 11th, 2009 10:40 am
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So, being 19 doesn't feel any different than being 18. I've gotten lots of cards on the post but no presents. I think not anyway, I'll have to check the board when I get dressed. :)

I've never been a major fan of birthdays, they're not as important as the big holidays like Christmas or Halloween. (Yes I think Halloween is important. You get sweets, people. FOR FREE. And you get to dress up like a monster and scare little kids.) I'm not doing much today, just going to Jitsu like usual and having a sleepover with [ profile] wonderm.

I've done a lot this year, I've moved out, started university, got my yellow belt, figured out my sexuality (mostly) made new friends and been to my first con. XD This has been a good year for me, even if it's been punctuated by bastards leaving my mother and occasional panic attacks. I like life at the moment, even though I'm not where I thought I'd be a year ago. No job, no house and going home for the summer. Still, it could be worse. I could not have come to uni at all, and never done all this. I think it's worth it.

Tl:dr: Sleep deprivation makes Keeva philosophical.
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So, I got my photos developped! They're a bit blurry 'cause disposables are shit, but you can see who they're supposed to be, which is awesome. i also have photographic evidence of meeting Craig Charles and Gareth David lloyd, which I'm dithering about posting. Damn paranoia.

Picspam! )

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I went to the London Expo this weekend!!! I went with two friends, we went down on Friday and stayed in a youth hostel. Apart from not getting much sleep, the trip was fantastic, especially waiting in line with all the cosplayers dressed up. There were some really amazing costumes, they must have taken ages. Mine was just a loli Alice in Wonderland, which didn't really take much effort, but I loved anyway.

I bought loads of stuff, and took lots of photos, which I'll post when they've been developed. I even joined the Caramelldansen conga line! Until my goggles fell off anyway. ^_^;;

Anyway, picspam of merchandise!

In unrelated news, I just got a call back from Diesel. I have a job interview!! Things are looking up!

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I just read on here that Amazon has been stripping sales ratings from, among others, LGBT books, because they are deemed 'adult'. This includes Heather Has Two Mommies, but not The Complete Playboy or whatever it's called.

As far as I can tell, this means that it's harder to find these books, hides them from view. This policy is discriminatory and also stupid. We don't need a shop deciding what we can look at.

There's a link to a petition, and the Amazon customer support page on the page linked to above. If you find this as daft as me, please write to Amazon and tell them so. Maybe they'll change it if they realise how much custom they'll be losing.

ETA: This pretty much sums it up for me.
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So, the flat me and wonderm had our eyes on was let today, and I didn't get a job at Odeon. Why am I doomed to be skint and homeless? More essay work today as well, but there is a bright side.

I finally got The Dark Knight AND Batman Begins for the low low price of £12!! Score! And I got Armstrong & Miller series one, Elite Beat Agents and Watchmen: The Companion to the Film.

...Yeah, I think I know why I'm skint.

Anyway, male cheerleaders beckon!
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It's OK, I got a place at a uni!!! I can even do the course I really want to do, and learn Japanese at the same time!!!

Sorry about the excessive use of exclamation points, but I'm so relieved to be going to university!! After not getting the grades I wanted, I've been a bit upset, but this cheered me up to no end.

I actually got the place on Tuesday, but I've been waiting till it was confirmed until posting here. I'm a bit superstitious. ; )  *bounces* I'm going to uni! YESSS!!!


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