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My exams are over! The one I've just had was really easy, as it's intended for second year French students learning English. Pretty sure I passed it. A big part of the essay was writing a diary of the events in the Man Who Would Be King. (I was so tempted to write in a million Very Secret Diaries references.) Gotta love fanfiction getting you marks.

So now I have a whole weekend to chill, watch a load of Dollhouse extras, and knit. Or something, I don't know what, I'm kinda between projects at the moment. I have a plan for a blanket for my mother but I have to learn how to make granny squares first. And then I'd have to hide them somewhere all summer until I got my own place. I'm considering just making hats for my brothers, since that's easier.

I'm so glad to be through all the exams, you don't even know. And it's only five weeks until half term! Good times.


Oct. 31st, 2010 12:06 am
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Okay, I've just got back in from the flight, and will update you on my lovely holiday!

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Sep. 7th, 2010 09:36 pm
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I'm in France!

I finally have internet in my room, not that it means much when I'm trying to get moved. This room is a dump. The paint is peeling off the walls. The rest of moving here's been okay. I'm managing with shops and things, and I'm sure once classes start I'll feel much more settled. I've met some of the people from my uni and we've made plans to hang out together.

I'm no longer vegetarian. It sucks, and I hate it, but it's not really feasible in a country like this, where food is so expensive and vegetarianism isn't really done. Still not eating much meat though, it's gross.

MSN and Skype are banned in halls. I'm working on it. Don't worry guys, I'm not going to vanish.

I miss home.
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I'm going to my nannan's tomorrow for the week. :) I've not stayed at hers in about a year, and I missed it. She doesn't have the internet, but Em's taking care of the archiving, so don't worry, it's all sorted!

And I might get to see my youngest cousin, Token Boy Child. He's a cutie. :D He threw up on me the last time I saw him.
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I have a room in France! I will not be on the streets! *deep breaths* Fucking finally, I've been terrified. Still dunno where or how good the place is, but I shall not be homeless!
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So, I am moving out of my flat, and living with my dad for the summer. *fanfare* This did not go that well last time. Now, I have a social life (even if most of it is online) and my own stuff to do, so it's going to be interesting to see how Dad copes with that. I think in his heart I'm still ten and coming over on Sundays to go on an excursion.

Still, at least while I'm here I can take advantage of his massive scifi collection. :D
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I passed my exams! :D

I don't know how well I did yet, stupid system is stupid, but since I know I passed I decided to treat myself today. And while I was poking around in various lovely shops in the Northern Quarter, I found these!

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JITSU!! It was my first in at least a month, and I got to learn some new throws, and I'm finally figuring out Koshi Guruma properly, and we did underarm body grabs and I got to knee people in the crotch, which was fun. :D I got kneed a lot too, but I was with these two people I get on with and we just were in fits of giggles the whole time. And one of them kicked me like five times in the exact same spot, so now I have a bruise. *beams*

And we learnt about kidneys some more, and exactly why it is so useful to punch people in them if they grab you. :P Problem is, I'm so short I often can't reach round to get a good strike, so I compromise by kneeing or headbutting instead. Sensei didn't seem to mind. :) He made me do it to J repeatedly as a demonstration, so at least I know I'm doing something right.

I'm so grading this term.
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My essay is handed in, my presentation is over, my exam today went ok (I think), and I bought myself a lovely tiny new pocketwatch, so I'm in a good mood. :D Maybe now I can get back to what is actually important in life - FANDOM. :P
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*sprawls on bed* I think my addiction to the Internet is showing somewhat in that as soon as I got in I plugged the computer in. On the other hand, NO MAM LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER WHEN I'M TRYING TO READ PR0N!!!! And my essay is done, so now I can spend tonight bingeing on TGWTG and Avatar. It's gonna be awesome.

Also, never look up bizarre sexual practices on Urban Dictionary to traumatise your mother and cousin. It's hilarious but makes them suspicious when you're the only one not cringing.

(And yes, I did quote Jar Jar Binks, I know I need help.)
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Stepdad Edgar is apparently still talking to random women on Facebook. A lot. When Mam's not around. This is what was happening when he left her, he was talking to the Karate Bitch on Facebook and then he left mam and his kids to fuck about with her at Christmas. >:(

I really don't know why Mam got back with him, he's a twat and he'll not fucking change. He's just like my dad, except he's actually a decent father, even if he's a crap husband.

D: D: D: D:

Mam's a big girl and can take care of herself, Mam's a big girl and can take care of herself, Mam's a big girl...
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Yeah, I'm going home today or tomorrow, and my laptop had issues with the internet last time, so this is just a quick heads up to let you know that I may be offline for a week or so. Hopefully the internet will have fixed itself, or I can reload the thingy *fails at tech*, but if not, have fun without me and I'll see you guys soon!
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My internet broke last night, for ALL of last night, so for anyone I was talking to, I'm sorry I just vanished, I didn't mean to. :(

On the good side, last night I got Pokemon Soul Silver, which is fucking AWESOME, and saw Kickass, which most definitely lives up to its name. :D I wish I was as awesome as Hit Girll, let me tell ya.
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Because I've just had two theological students from there try to convert me. O_o

Tangentially related (I was doing my Japanese homework at the time) but this is why I love learning languages. I can say stuff like this:

私のホバクラフとは うなぎで いっぱいです。

It means my hovercraft is full of eels. XD XD XD

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Seven hours on shift and I served about five people. ( Ironically this is quite busy for a Match day)

When I rule the world I'll plant flowers!  )

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Jitsu, as usual, is awesome. I think i'm getting the hang of some of the throws, and the ground holds are easy. We did knife attacks again, so more bruises are in my future. :D

We also did a body grab circle, which is really fun. You close your eyes and people grab at you and you have to put them on the floor. I always do much better with my eyes closed. :)  It made me realise I'm not as shit as I thought. Maybe I can get my green belt this term after all.
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Feb. 24th, 2010 11:04 pm
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I have a friend who kind of fancies me, and he has for a while. We tried to go out but it was just too awkward, and now we chat a lot.

He's just messaged me wondering why all the girls he likes have problems. D: I'm trying not to be offended but really. Apparently there's a woman at his LARP thing that likes him, but she's married. Her husband and her have an open relationship, but my friend is weirded out.

Just...WTF. o_O You cannot start a conversation like that and expect me to be on your side!


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