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My internet broke last night, for ALL of last night, so for anyone I was talking to, I'm sorry I just vanished, I didn't mean to. :(

On the good side, last night I got Pokemon Soul Silver, which is fucking AWESOME, and saw Kickass, which most definitely lives up to its name. :D I wish I was as awesome as Hit Girll, let me tell ya.
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1. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks can be played in French! Now it's not wasting time, it's educational!

2. Wrath of Khan was awesome and beautiful and interesting. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rent TOS...
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God this was bad.

I've seen more realistic pokémon battles )This is the perfect film to showcase my new sliding scale of so bad it's good films: The SE meter! Based on the awesome that was GI Joe the movie, and Snake Eyes in particular, the SEs a film gets, the more guilty pleasure you get from it.

It's out of ten, so here is Ninja Assassin's score:

   Two SEs out of ten. Boo!
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Today I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for free. A day early. In Imax. U GAIZ, THIS IS TTLY THE BEST JOB EVAR. I'm not gonna talk about specifics until the film is out for real, but can I just say that Tom Felton is actually a good actor? Most of them were really good this time around, actually, especially Alan Rickman. His timing is excellent.

The film is surprisingly funny as well; I burst out laughing several times. :) The emotional impact of the film isn't as big as in the book though. It just doesn't feel as real and raw as it did when I was reading it.

Can't say more without major spoilage, so I'll post again tomorrow, I guess! Have fun seeing it, everyone!
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OK, so I went to see at 1 minute past midnight , and then again today. So I feel I am qualified to talk about it.

Spoilers )

Go and watch it. That's an order.
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*deep breath* SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 

Spoilers for The Dark Knight ) 
spoilers )


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