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Yes, I just used about eleventy billion exclamation marks, I don't care. My ocarina came!

Look how pretty it is! )
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God I love the Intarwebz sometimes! I just found ZREO, the Zelda Reorchestration project. Basically they rework all the tunes with a full orchestra, and it is amazing. They have Link to the Past! I love that game, even though I've had it about ten years and still can't finish it. XD Looking forward to being woken up by the Overworld Theme!

Also, yay, Spirit Tracks tomorrow!
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Name your five favorite geniuses - evil or otherwise - from any fandom.

1. Gregory House from House MD. He's a snarky, unpleasant bastard, but he's always right. I wouldn't go so far as to call him evil though.

2. The Doctor from Doctor Who. I love this man rather a lot, because he's mental and childish and clever. Sometimes it backfires, like in Midnight, but mostly he saves the day by virtue of being a genius, a vengeful god or a complete dork. XD

3. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, mainly because I identified with her a lot. She was clever and didn't really hang out with other girls and lived in the library and she cared a lot about random causes. She was basically my role model for a good few years and I can't forget it.

4. Kaywinnit Lee Frye from Firefly, who yeah, may not be classically smart, but she manages to keep Serenity flying when she should be falling out of the sky, and she's lovely to everyone and everything, and is completely unapologetic for wanting pretty dresses, engines and sex. She's shiny. :D

5. Tim Drake from DC Comics. He was the dorky, slightly obsessive fanboy who became a hero, and he was smart enough to figure out Batmans secret identity, for God's sake. Dick even said that they took him in to prevent him from turning into an evil supergenius! He's wonderful, even though they keep making him an arse at the minute. :(


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