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You guys know the drill by now, ask for something feel-good and I'll do you something! I'm flying home tomorrow, so responses might be a bit slow.

ETA: Meme is closed, I'll try to get the fills up tomorrow.
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Hey! Feel Good Friday is a go! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do this, so I'm adding something new this week.

Tell me something that's made you feel happy this week! Even if it's something as silly as a kitten gif or as wonderful as falling in love, I want to hear so I can squee with you. Let's bring the joy, people! And of course, ask for something silly/happy/fun and I'll do something for you. :) This meme will be open until midnight on Friday, GMT +1.

I'm flying home on Saturday, so responses may take a while. I promise they'll be done by Monday!

ETA: Meme's closed!
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It's Feel Good Friday! Prompt me something happy/silly/fluffy, and I will do fic/art/poetry/interpretative dance for it.

Art is less likely this week, just so you know.

ETA: Meme's closed!
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I am in a really ridiculously good mood right now. As such, I declare this to be Feel Good Friday! What this means for you, dear readers, is you can ask me for something fluffy/silly, and I will do a drabble/poem/doodle/interpretive dance for you. I don't mind what! Fanstuff, original work, kittens, it's all good. I want to make you guys happy!

Well, after my essay is done, I will anyway. :D


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