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Yeah, finally got around to doing this.

Toon Titans

Alike, PG, Robin/Beast Boy
Not that many people realise that they're alike.

Not So Different, PG, Robin/Beast Boy
Honestly, they're not all that different. Counterpart to Alike, BB's pov.

1sentence Challenge, Table Gamma, R overall, Robin/Beast Boy
50 sentences, ranging from cuteness to angst, and everything in between.

1sentence Challenge, Table Alpha, PG, Robin/Beast Boy
Second verse, same as the first!

Star Trek

Warning: May Contain Side Affects, PG-13, gen (written for [ profile] st_xi_kink )
The mind meld makes Jim subconsciously want to get closer to Spock. Hijinks ensue.

District 9

Strange Paths, PG-13, implied Wikus/Christopher
Where you think life will take you and where you actually end up are two completely different things.


Wild West!AU, G, gen (meme response for [ profile] donella )
Dan doesn't like the look of the man passing through.

A Cuckoo in America, G, gen (meme response for [ profile] donella )
Adrian's first day at school.

Not Happening, R, Ozymandias/Rorschach (meme response for [ profile] flwrpwr_vampyre )
Rorschach is trying to pretend this isn't happening.

She's Not a Mary Sue, Honest, R, Mary Sue/Rorschach (co-written with [ profile] flwrpwr_vampyre  )
All Rorschach needs is the right woman.

According to Plan, R, Ozymandias/Rorschach (co-written with [ profile] flwrpwr_vampyre  )
Rorschach thinks Ozymandias looks pretty.

Oh You Pretty Things, R/NC-17, Ozymandias/David Bowie (co-written with [ profile] flwrpwr_vampyre  )
Adrian inspires people, and gets thanked for it.


Getting His Way, PG-13, Spoony/Critic (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
Spoony really wants another chance to ride the pony...

Having Fun, R, Spoony/Critic (meme response for [ profile] nombrehetomado  )
Spoony has an idea. Critic is confused.

A Friend in Need, PG-13, Chick/Nella (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
Life sucks. But at least she has a friend. Part of [ profile] emeriin 's Hooker!verse, set pre-club.

Memory in the Raw, PG, Chick/Nella
Another one of those nights. Part of [ profile] emeriin 's Hooker!verse.

Here There is No Change, PG-13, Critic/ATG (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
He's been here for weeks.

The Battle of Fourchan, an excerpt from the Gospel of the Treehouse
, G, gen
In the beginning, there was Youtube. Also contains the Ten Commandments!

Sunburn With Freezer Burn, PG, gen
90s Kid really gets on Insano's nerves.

Get Your Freak On, R overall, Gatecleaner/Beekeeper, Mechakara/Insano, Ninja Style Dancer/Spoonette, SWS!Spoony/90s Kid
Four pairings, four kinks, four drabbles.

Experimentation, PG-13, gen
It started with cloning Spoony.

The Snow King, G, gen
The Snow Queen with TGWTG!

Forgiveness, PG-13, Spoony/Critic (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
They've both done things that need forgiving.

Foe Yay, G, Linkara/Film Brain (meme response for [ profile] timidfox )
Linkara and Film Brain play Doctor Who.

Could Be a Little More Sonic, PG-13, Linkara/Film Brain (meme response for [ profile] timidfox )
Film Brain really loves that screwdriver.

glow like a moon shining up from the sky, G, Linkara/Film Brain (meme response for [ profile] timidfox )
Insano is jealous. Linkara is speechless. Film Brain is. Not. Happy.

Revenge, R, Mechakara/Linkara (kinkmeme response)
Mechakara's waited years for this. Dubcon and autoerotic asphyxiation.

Sharing is Caring, R, Spoony/Critic/Nerd (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
Spoony and Nerd take Critic in hand.

Red, R, Spoony/Scarlett (meme response for [ profile] taekarado )
There's kissing. With blood involved.

the towers reach higher against the sky, G, Todd/Lupa (meme response for [ profile] freya_sacksen )
Lupa loses a bet.

will never know what is meant, G, Insano/Nurse (meme response for [ profile] nombrehetomado )
Sometimes there are things that are more important than science.

Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas, PG, Spoony/Scarlett, Linkara/Liz
Christmas at the Spoony household. Written for [ profile] robyn_the_red for Secret Santa Christ.

: (not all written by me)

Go Amongst Mad People, NC-17, gen (kinkmeme response)
Spoony was commited on the 8th of May. Scarlett visits him every week. Be warned, strong horror themes and gore.

And How Do You Know That You're Mad, PG, gen
Patients past, present and future. A look into the land of Backstory.

The Sounds Take Care of Themselves, PG, Nurse!Chick/Nella (kinkmeme response)
Nella needs distracting.

Because I'm Not Myself, PG, Nurse!Chick/Chick (kinkmeme response)
Nurse Chick takes a break from tending her boys to tend someone very close to her heart. Crossover with canon.

Untitled, PG-13, Critic/ATG (kinkmeme response, written by anonymous)
Electricity makes everything better! Pre-Go Amongst Mad People.

inevitability writhes in dance with death, PG, gen (meme response for [ profile] nombrehetomado )
Guy Lynor isn't like the other patients.

bleed out the vestiges of the day, PG-13, Nurse!Chick/Nella (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
Nella is having trouble sleeping. Chick tries to help.

see my pain and tear me down, PG, ATG/Insano (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
They feed on madness, after all. Who else is the equivalent of a free buffet?

say that i'm the shadow, R, ATG/Critic/Nurse!Chick (meme response for [ profile] emeriin )
Sometimes it can take a while for the patient to adjust to parenthood.

the darkness embraces that which it owns, PG, gen (meme response for [ profile] freya_sacksen )
It's hard for Critic at first.

And the Three's a Crowd 'verse: (again, not all written by me)

Not Quite Right, PG, Insano/Linkara, unrequited Linkara/Spoony
Linkara knew what he was doing was wrong.

Guilt and Forgiveness, R, Linkara/Insano (written by [ profile] nochi_san )
Linkara does something unforgiveable. Insano forgives him anyway.

Vengeance, G, gen (written by [ profile] nochi_san )
Stubborness runs in the family. Follows the divergent timeline where Forgiveness never happened.

Woebegone, G, gen
It's impossible to be mad at the pink blob. Set during Vengeance.

Them's The Rules, PG-13, Linkara/Insano
The rules are pretty much all that's holding everything together.

Pride, PG-13, Linkara/Insano (written by [ profile] nochi_san )
There were things he could never say. Companion to Them's the Rules, and a bit to Guilt and Forgiveness.

Pretending, R, Linkara/Insano (written by [ profile] aunt_zelda )
Insano reminds Linkara just who he's dealing with.

At the Bottom of a Bottle, PG, unrequited Spoony/Linkara
Linkara regrets telling. Technically the beginning of the 'verse.

Giving Back, R, Linkara/Insano (written by [ profile] nochi_san )
The world's gone mad, and Linkara is giving for once.

Graduation Day, G, gen
He was one step closer to reaching his goal. Divergent timeline.

Better, PG, Insano/Linkara (written by [ profile] nochi_san )
In order to fix something, you have to realise what was broken in the first place. The end of the first arc, I do believe. :)

Ask Your Doctor, PG, Insano/Linkara (written by [ profile] nochi_san )
Insano can't sleep and decides to fix it with SCIENCE.


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